The Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World Today

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Who is the Best Hair Transplant Doctors In The World?

This question has been posed to me the other day! When I asked the patient why, they pointed to their phone where I had saw something that I thought was not possible since nobody could be that vain, yet there it was: a doctor claiming “he is the best doctor in the world”! To the patients out there looking for a hair transplant let me assure there is NO such thing. That simple? YES, there is no such thing! There are great hair transplant doctors out there, each bringing their unique characteristics and approach to this field. If anybody claims that they are the best hair transplant doctor in the world, patients are encouraged to ask further questions:

Who bestowed them this title? What was the criteria for winning this title? Lastly, is he paying the source for this title? 

Now back to reality, I highly recommend that if you are looking for a hair transplant procedure that you set enough time to shop around and see each doctor in person. After you saw them all, your gut will tell you who is the right doctor for YOU! Trust your gut!

In my book, a hair transplant doctor to be great, they have to be involved in every aspect of medical treatment for the hair transplant surgery, from the beginning to the end, i.e. harvesting, site making, trimming the grafts, plantation and post op care.

Patients are encouraged to shop around see what other doctors have to say but stay with those that focus on hair transplant and hair transplant only, this will ensure that the doctor is up par and fresh in his hair transplant knowledge. Dr. Kelemen believes that a patient will know in their gut when they found the right doctor for them! 

Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Doctor

When researching potential hair transplant surgeons, you’ll want to consider these items:

  • Whether they specialize in hair restoration

  • How long they’ve been in practice.

  • Patient reviews
  • How many hair transplant procedures they’ve performed?

  • What board certifications/credentials they have

  • Before/after pictures of actual patients

  • What role do they play in the surgery? What do they do exactly?


Meet Scottsdale's Top Hair Surgeon Dr. Kelemen

So, who am I? Meet Dr. Kelemen and her practice Hair 4 Life located in Scottsdale, AZ

Hair transplantation / Hair transplantation has come quite a way since the “Plug” days. Hair Replacement Surgery by Dr. Kelemen at Hair 4 Life of Scottsdale, Arizona, has become a form of art and believes in being an artist in this discipline. Her aim and those who manage her business is creating the best possible results in both male and female hair thinning! Her motto is: We know hair, it is the only thing we DO!

Dr. Kelemen is an experienced, professional hair transplant physician based out of Scottsdale who now performs hair transplantation at Hair 4 Life hair restoration clinic.

Dr. Ramona Kelemen, the founder of Hair 4 Life, holds two doctorate degrees: M.D. (EU) and N.D. Her path to attaining both of those honors is as unique as each one of the patients she sees every day at her clinic. In 2001, she graduated as a Doctor of Medicine, MD, from Vasile Goldis University in Arad, Romania. After her 2001 graduation from medical school, Dr. Kelemen moved to Scottsdale, to reunite with her husband who was serving in the US Armed Forces.

Dr. Kelemen began working as a hair transplant technician for a prestigious hair transplant practice. Although she has her MD degree from Europe and is ECFMG certified, she decided to extend her knowledge and joined an American medical school program at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, thus enabling her to combine allopathic and naturopathic medical knowledge in hair restoration facial plastic surgery. Twenty-two years and 7500 patients later, Dr. Kelemen has grown to become a cutting-edge provider in this unique field.   With a passion for treating hair loss in men and women with the latest surgical and non-surgical, hair restoration procedures and techniques, Dr. Kelemen integrates the best of what conventional and naturopathic medicine have to offer to create a unique and personal experience for patients with optimal results.

What sets me apart from the rest is: I am involved in the procedure fully! I do not have other consultations or other patients that day! The patient getting the hair transplant is MY FOCUS and ONLY priority! Post operative care is done by ME, not assistants! I want the patient to know that I will check MY work and ensure that if they have further questions, I am there to answer them directly! I am among a select few that not only know but CAN actually do a surgery from the beginning to the end without assistants!

Hair 4 Life founder Dr. Kelemen

Dr. Kelemen’s philosophy is that building a partnership with her patients it allows her to empower and educate the patients to ensure they are capable of attaining their goals of looking and feeling their best!

Dr. Kelemen armed with both sides of the natural and medical spectrum brings a wealth of knowledge to help her patients achieve their hair restoration goals!

Speaking of the best hair transplant…

Which hair transplant is best?

It really depends on you and your goals!! The current choices are: FUT, the traditional strip method or FUE via ARTAS robotic, manual motorized or manual punch. A true pro will not push you towards one but give you options since they should offer all the transplant methods! Other factors are:  what type of hair you have, how is your donor area, have you had prior hair transplants! So, I encourage you to find a doctor that is passionate about hair transplant and not just going through the motions! Someone who lives and breathes hair transplant! With passion you will yield someone who lives no stone unturned to become the best in their field! We do exist but we are a rare breed!

Which hair transplant is best?

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